Required documents

Documents required to issue the Decision on Conditional Admission (the scans of these documents have to be attached in the Online Registration System (IRK))

1. an application form signed by the candidate and the candidate’s Statement on the delivery of letters in electronic form(printouts from the Online Registration System (IRK));

2. secondary school leaving certificate or matura exam (candidates for BA programmes)

3. original BA or MA diploma (candidates for MA programmes) (certified copies are not acceptable)

4. a digital photo in the IRK (example of photo can be found here)

5. certified translation into English of all documents issued in a language other than English

6. English language proficiency certificate (if required)

7. passport

Documents to submit before the Admission Deadline

1. originals of all the documents listed above

2. certified translation of the documents into English (if issued in other languages)

3. statement proving that the certificate/diploma allows the candidate to study at the university level in the country in which it was issued

4. legalization/apostille of a document of international qualification, issued outside of Poland

5. insurance policy against sickness and accidents for the period of the candidate’s education in Poland, The European Health Insurance Card or a declaration on accession to the Polish National Health fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia – NFZ) immediately after commencing their education, covering medical costs up to 30 000 EUR

6. one photo (format 35*45) identical to the digital photo uploaded in the IRK system.


● documents that have to be recognized in Poland have to be translated into Polish

● all the documents (paper versions) have to be submitted to the Admission Office before the Admission Deadline

● secondary school certificate and BA or MA diplomas have to be legalized (stamped with apostille)

● Decision on admission issued on the basis of the document scans attached in the system is considered to be CONDITIONAL, and will be revoked should any of the required documents is missing before the Admission Deadline.

More information on admission requirements at:

Contact details:

Office for International Study Programmes

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