Attention Students and Employees!

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Dear students and employees of the University of Opole! Please, contact the university - receive and send e-mails - only by means of the university e-mail service!

It is very important for several reasons.

Each of you has an authorised university e-mail account. It is on this account - and only on this account - that all information concerning the way the university works, the rules of studying, restriction, regulations and decisions of the authorities of the University of Opole, as well as answers to your questions, will be sent.

 Secondly, each message sent by you to a particular person or unit at the university from your university e-mail address will be reliable and authenticated for us, unlike those sent to us from other, unknown accounts - we will not respond to such messages for technical reasons.

Please follow the above recommendations rigorously - this will make it much easier for us to function in these exceptional, difficult days.

Let's stay at home and stay healthy!